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The production of an event is also one of the biggest polluters of an event. In a society where the environment is threatened and environmentally friendly options are becoming most necessary, this also applies to event productions.

Even though how much I like the roaring diesel engines of a Manitou, I understand that this cannot go on for much longer. Event productions need to become greener and I want to be the producer that is amongst one of the first to pioneer in that.

Can the production of an event become one without a footprint? I believe it can. How? That is a good question, which I would like to answer. Can we create zero-pollution machinery? Can we make use of transport more efficiently? Are you this transporter or the one who can turn a diesel-powered Manitou into a flower on wheels? Let me know!

Small Bear focuses on, and in the future will focus even more, on tackling processes in your company that are polluting or unsustainable. Small Bear looks at your daily business and with a different approach is able to reduce the footprint you leave. This is done with cost-effectiveness and efficiency in mind, so that you not only spare your impact, but also the unnecessary costs.

Do you want your processes evaluated with a different view? Or good ideas to produce even more sustainable? Contact me so we can have a look at it!

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