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Report about

new Methods

It is easy to take processes and their effects for granted, but information is key for further improvement on your projects and processes. Basing your next move on solid facts and figures is even more important. Small Bear reports accurate facts and figures about new and already existing processes and projects within your organisation. 

To do this, Small Bear creates a detailed plan of approach together with the organisation, on which is described what is being monitored and how this is measured. This is done together with the organisation, to make sure the right view and focus is addressed, as well as taking into account the proven principles on the subject. 


After making a solid plan, facts and figures will be collected off-site as well as on-site, taking great care of the data-collection. This data is then bundled into a readable and understandable document, for the organisation to use.

In need of information? I can measure and report the effects of new methods or other cases.

For examples of, for instance, the report of a new waste-management method

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