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''Small, perseverant and a bit of a hairy face: Small Bear''

- Niels Timmermans

The Bear


My name is Niels Timmermans, but some of you may want to call me a SMALL BEAR. Why? Well, because I am quite small, yet have the perseverance of a bear (Confession: like a bear, I am also a bit hairy). Currently, I am studying Event Management in Breda and am specializing in event production.

My passion lies within event production and audio-engineering. I like to bungee in my harness, climb in everything, create massive sound systems and if possible, do this all in the dark! I like to work: in a team, a good atmosphere and of course with a little bear afterwards.

I stand for:  Sustainability, Honesty, Integrity, 

Perseverance and Humor! I believe that everything is possible and sustainability is something that can be achieved by looking at the subject from different views, so a better solution can be found!

Small Bear focuses on more sustainable event production, since I sincerely believe that sustainability is possible, without the extra hassle, without the extra costs, just by changing your view! I started this project to do what I love and to follow one of my dreams. Curious? check out the services I provide and let's see what I can't do for you!

Kind roar,

Niels Timmermans

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